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Nonprofit New York members in action: New Yorkers for Culture & Arts

New Yorkers for Culture & Arts (NY4CA) is a city-wide coalition of cultural groups that believes that every New Yorker in every neighborhood should be able to engage in the life transforming, community strengthening power of culture and arts. Formed in 2018 by the merger of two existing cultural advocacy groups, we began the work of building a strong network of arts and culture groups to fight for increased funding and improved public policy supporting culture across the five boroughs.

December 2019 Policy Updates


.ORG Registry
Prices for nonprofit website addresses ending in .org may soon increase dramatically and censorship may become a distinct possibility because of two seemingly connected events. Earlier this year, the governing body overseeing the .org domain, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), removed price caps despite 97 percent of the more than 3,200 submitted comments expressing opposition.

Amplifying Community Voices Campaign

Nonprofits often represent the needs of our communities, but fewer than 3% of nonprofits engage in legislative advocacy, which can create the change we want to see (See: Endnote 1). In a time when New Yorkers face housing insecurity, threats to immigration, affordability, and other challenges, policymakers need to hear more from you, not less.

Nonprofit New York’s The Community was nationally recognized at Dreamforce 2019!

Last month, we took a trip to San Francisco to present at Dreamforce, the largest software conference in the world, hosted by Salesforce. As you may be able to tell from our photo above, we had a blast. But it was so much more than flower crowns!

Salesforce's national conference Dreamforce is a week-long series of conversations and presentations meant to inspire innovation and trailblazing ideas.

Funders for LGBTQ Issues Uplifts and Increases the Scale of Philanthropic Resources for its Member Foundations

Membership Manager Taina Sanon spoke with Marvin Webb, Vice President of Finance and Administration of Funders for LGBTQ Issues, a member organization of Nonprofit New York. Nonprofit New York will continue to highlight the work of our members, like Funders for LGBTQ Issues, because we believe when your nonprofit is stronger, all of us are stronger.

Nonprofit New York members in action: Asian American Federation is making sure New York counts!

Can you tell us a bit about AAF?
Founded in 1989, Asian American Federation (AAF) is a pan-Asian nonprofit leadership organization that supports a network of 70 Asian American community service organizations. AAF’s mission is to raise the influence and wellbeing of Asian American communities through research, policy advocacy, public awareness, and organizational development.

November 2019 Policy Updates


Fixing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program: recently introduced federal legislation (R. 4674) would strengthen the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, among other things. PSLF allows borrowers to earn forgiveness of the balance of their student loan debt after working in public service, including at 501(c)(3) nonprofits, for at least 10 years while making qualifying payments.

Sustainable nonprofits campaign: our aspiration, our values.

Nonprofits have been operating on an antiquated business model that no longer meets the needs of our communities. We have a plan to solve that problem.

We believe that nonprofits have a right to sustainable resources. This means funding that is dependable, flexible, and collaborative, and that fully covers all program expenses.

Nonprofit New York Seeks President and CEO

Machlowitz Consultants, Inc.
Nonprofit New York Seeks President and CEO

Nonprofit New York works to strengthen and unite New York’s nonprofits - building a thriving
community of extraordinary nonprofits – a relentless, collective force for good.

November 13, 2019

With nearly 1,600 members, Nonprofit New York has been building a powerful nonprofit
community for 35 years.

Seven Organizations Receive Recognition for 2019 Nonprofit Excellence Awards

Nonprofit New York celebrates seven organizations for their excellence in nonprofit management
Contact: Kelly McLain, 646-893-2881, [email protected]

New York, NY, November 8, 2019 – Nonprofit New York is highlighting seven nonprofit organizations in their 2019 Nonprofit Excellence Awards, which uplift and celebrate nonprofits’ innovative management practices.