About Us

Nonprofit New York is here to support you!

Nonprofit New York promotes excellence in nonprofit management and is the voice and information source for our nearly 1,600 nonprofit members.

Nonprofit New York serves as an umbrella membership and service organization for nonprofits in New York City, Long Island and Westchester, including human service, arts and culture, education, health, religious and advocacy groups – any nonprofit defined as a “charitable” organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Nonprofit New York is the leading information source and voice of New York City area nonprofits on sector-wide issues.

We support nonprofit organizations in three important ways:

  • We are the voice of nonprofits through our Government Relations Council, which promotes accountable, transparent, effective nonprofits and equitable, least burdensome government oversight; convening the sector to surface and discuss issues most critical to the sector; and reporting on issues most important to our members and the sector.

  • We strengthen nonprofits through information and guidance on management and governance issues through a monthly newsletter, New York Nonprofits, more than 45 free trainings a year, a Job Board, Nonprofit New York's online hub The Community with our Referral Center, Knowledge Center, HelpLine and Community Forum, and Nonprofit New York’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards, which promotes excellence in nonprofit management through our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence.

  • We save nonprofit members money through a portfolio of 15 group buying programs on organizational basics such as liability insurance, office supplies, payroll services and other administrative needs.

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