Policy Updates | January 11, 2021

Nonprofit New York joins our partners and colleagues in condemning the outrageous actions of domestic terrorism in the nation’s Capitol last week. We stand with all who are calling for a peaceful transition of power and promoting robust civic engagement and democracy.

Nonprofit New York Statement on COVID Stimulus Legislation

Throughout the year, Nonprofit New York, Leader Schumer, and thousands of partner organizations have advocated for nonprofit inclusion in federal COVID-19 relief efforts. Nonprofit New York is glad we can report that Congress passed COVID relief legislation late last night. The information below outlines how our recommendations fared in the $900 billion relief package.

Sign on: Nonprofit position statement on New York State revenue legislation

New York is facing an economic and social crisis brought on by COVID-19. New York nonprofits have consistently shown they are crucial sources of support for communities and demonstrated their commitment to working in partnership with the state to face the current challenges.

Nonprofit New York Issues Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on New York Nonprofits

In spring 2020, Nonprofit New York conducted two surveys to gauge how New York City area nonprofits were being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Key findings include:

$31,387,440 total revenue lost or postponed from all respondents, with the average amount lost equal to $475,567.
947 staff laid off or furloughed collectively, with the average number of staff dismissed at 14. Excluding the organizations that did not lose any staff boosts the average to 56.
Organizations with people of color in leadership lost close to $200,000 more than the overall average; losing an average of $637,130, surpassing the overall average of $475,567.
Organizations with gender-nonconforming or nonbinary leadership lost close to $250,000 more than the overall average, losing an average of $725,000.
Of respondents who have government grants, 61% have received at least some contracted money but 11% did not receive payments even after fulfilling contract obligations.

Sign On: Nonprofits Position on Rent Relief and New York State Legislation

Our communities are in crisis [1], and we as institutions are in crisis [2]. Without intervention,  countless New Yorkers may be homeless and crucial organizations deeply embedded in communities for decades may close [3]. Nonprofits support both residential and commercial rent relief efforts.