Nonprofit New York Statement on the Fiscal Year 2025 Executive Budget

Nonprofit New York Statement on the Fiscal Year 2025 Executive Budget

Nonprofit New York Statement on the Fiscal Year 2025 Executive Budget

Nonprofit New York Members and Community,

On April 24, 2024, Mayor Eric Adams released the City’s $111.6 billion Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) Executive Budget. The #WHY15 campaign is relieved the Executive Budget includes restorations to a number of programs cut earlier this fiscal year, including a $22 million restoration over the next three years to the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) for the cultural development fund (CDF) - which funds over 1,000 cultural nonprofits throughout the city - and cultural institution groups (CIGs). Nonprofit New York and #WHY15 are pleased that Mayor Adams honored his commitment to cancel the remaining 5% budget reduction this fiscal year. These restorations and the canceled 5% budget cut in the Executive Budget are significant wins for the sector and the #WHY15 campaign.

While the nonprofit sector welcomes news of a stronger, more robust budget than the Adams Administration previously projected, the revenue projections reflected in this version of the budget are yet another indication that the administration’s initial 15% budget cut directive and the ensuing programmatic cuts were unnecessary.

The City Council’s budget analysis indicates the City is in a financially secure position not only to contribute to the City’s reserves but also to fully restore the drastic cuts that occurred in November and January. It is critical to note that the Executive Budget made no restorations to city parks, libraries, and older adult centers. Specific programs, including NYC SPARX and COMPASS Explore, did not just face budget reductions during this budgetary process - they were eliminated entirely.

As Nonprofit New York prepares to sunset the #WHY15 campaign, we continue to call for increased and sustained transparency around the rationale for budget decisions, for the city to meaningfully partner with the nonprofit sector in addressing budget challenges, to restore the unexplained cuts from this fiscal year, and to address long-standing contract payment challenges. We thank our many campaign partners and supporters who contributed to this year’s collaborative and focused advocacy on behalf of the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit New York will continue to mobilize the sector and pursue the campaign objectives through the final fiscal year 2025 budget process negotiations.

Join us in our call:

  1. Join the more than 300 nonprofits calling for transparency and inclusion regarding the 15% budget reduction by signing our open letter to the City government.
  2. Participate in our 15 Days of 15 Cuts Storytelling Campaign. If interested, complete this form.

Questions? Please contact our Vice President of Policy, Chai Jindasurat-Yasui