#WHY15 Percent Budget Cuts Campaign

November 8th, 2023

Nonprofit New York Members and Community,

Following two Coalition to Advance Nonprofits meetings to discuss Mayor Adams’ 15% budget reduction directive, we are launching the #WHY15 campaign to call for clarity and unified opposition to the City’s impending budget cuts. To include your voice, please take these two steps:

  1. Sign our open letter to the City government that asks for transparency about the basis of the 15% reduction, calls for clarity about which services will be cut, and urges that the nonprofit sector be meaningfully included in the budget planning process.
  1. Participate in our 15 Days of 15 Cuts Storytelling Campaign. We are collecting video testimonials to illustrate what a 15% reduction in City funding would mean for our crucial organizations and the communities we serve. If interested, complete this form.

Nonprofits want to be a part of the solutions to our City’s fiscal challenges, but this is not possible when decisions are made about us without us. Please join us to help make the case that all New Yorkers win when nonprofits have substantive, timely, and influential roles in developing and implementing problem-solving plans for our communities. Ask #WHY15.

Questions? Please contact Policy & Advocacy Coordinator Thara Duclosel.