April Member Feature: Green City Challenge

April Member Feature: Green City Challenge

Welcome to our new Member Feature series! For the month of April, Les Judd of Green City Challenge told us their story and about how their Nonprofit New York membership has benefitted them.

Whether you are a new member or have been a member for many years, we want to get to know you! Introduce yourself to the Nonprofit New York community by participating in our Member Feature series! Submit your response here.

Brief Introduction to the Organization

Green City Challenge connects and integrates the community with green businesses and nonprofits to promote sustainable lifestyle solutions. Founded in 2010, GCC consolidates and expands the green community and provides a platform for environmental education, enlightened conversation, and community involvement.

What is your organization's mission?

The mission of the Green City Challenge is to educate New Yorkers about ways to live sustainably. We do this by presenting our iconic, hands-on games in schools for fun and educational activities.

What do you like the most about being a Nonprofit New York member?

The resources provided.

Have you read or listened to any sector or sub-sector-related publications, podcasts, or books that you would recommend to the community?

None that I can think of right now.

Have you made relationships with other Nonprofit New York members? If so, what has come out of building those connections? If not, is there any organization you'd like to partner with? 

We have not made any connections yet but would like to partner with other organizations that are going into NYC schools with innovative and creative programming.

Tell Us a Fun Fact About Your Organization.

The creation of the organization was inspired when I was watching The Amazing Race on TV with my wife one day. A contestant, who had been vegetarian for 16 years, had to eat a body part from a sheep. He was unable to do it and his team was eliminated. I said to my wife, "Wouldn't it be great if we had an Amazing Green Race in NYC where it would be all about performing challenges that are green and healthy?" We decided to call ourselves the Green City Challenge instead of the Amazing Green Race to avoid any legal obstacles.

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