Coalition to Advance Nonprofits 15% Budget Meeting

October 26th, 2023

On October 19, Nonprofit New York’s Coalition to Advance Nonprofits (CAN) convened a meeting with Councilmember Althea Stevens to discuss Mayor Adams’s 15% budget cut directive. Over 80 members shared their experiences. In the midst of preparing for across-the-board agency cuts, many voiced frustration with continued contract payment delays from the city. In addition to the upcoming 15% cuts for this year, Department of Homeless Services (DHS)-funded housing nonprofits recently made 2.5% contract reductions that were included in the FY24 adopted budget. These providers face a potential 7.5% immediate reduction when the first round of proposed cuts comes out in the November Plan.

Councilmember Stevens urged the sector to leverage their collective power to push back: “The reality is they come to us because we are the ones that deliver the services,” said Councilmember Stevens. “They cannot do that work without you; we have to continue to do the work and live in that power.” She advised the coalition to develop a unified strategy for the City’s November financial plan. 

Nonprofit New York proposed the nonprofit sector implement a storytelling campaign to portray the detrimental impact the budget cuts would have across all communities. LiveOnNY shared a model they are using from a recent survey that found about 39,000 older adults utilize older adult centers daily. “The picture we want to paint is that cutting 15% of programs will affect all 39,000 of these older adults,” Jenna Gladfelter of LiveOnNY, said. 

Interested in getting involved in our coordinated efforts to respond? Contact Thara Duclosel, Nonprofit New York Policy & Advocacy Coordinator.