Meet Nonprofit New York Member Vendor Partner: RoundTable Technology

Meet Nonprofit New York Member Vendor Partner: RoundTable Technology


Membership Director Taina Sanon spoke with Joshua Peskay of RoundTable Technology, a Member Vendor Partner of Nonprofit New York.

How many are on your team?


Servicing how many of the nonprofit population?


Tell me about the organization and a little bit about what you do. 

We are proud to work with over 200 nonprofit organizations supporting their technology. We understand the unique needs that nonprofit organizations have regarding their technology, and have all the tricks up our sleeves to get you the highest level of results for your budget.

Where do you see your organization in the next five years or ten years?

RoundTable has grown steadily since our inception in 2010. We look to continue sustainable, steady growth that allows us to serve more nonprofits while continuously improving our services and quality.

How has partnering with Nonprofit New York helped you succeed?

Being a trusted vendor/partner of Nonprofit New York helps us reach the New York Nonprofit community through webinars, workshops, pro bono member services and more. In addition to our hundreds of nonprofit clients, this connection helps us understand the unique needs of nonprofits.

What resources or services can you offer Nonprofit New York members so they can grow and see their missions fulfilled?

In addition to our pro bono member services for Nonprofit New York members, RoundTable can help nonprofits with every aspect of technology to ensure your organization's technology is an asset and not an obstacle.

What are you currently working on that you want us to mention to our membership?

We are working incredibly hard to help organizations manage work from home, back to work, virtual events and all of the other technology and logistical challenges brought on by the pandemic.

We also have new cybersecurity services to help New York nonprofits prepare for the SHIELD Act, which went into law on March 21, 2020.


For more information, contact Joshua Peskay at [email protected].