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City Council Description Our Position
Bill No. Sponsor
Int 0348-2024 Nurse In relation to penalties in tax-exempt projects due to source of income discrimination Monitoring
Int 0007-2024 Ayala In relation to requiring the development of a single application form for the not-for-profit real property tax exemption and the not-for-profit exemption from water and sewer charges Monitoring
Committee on Contracts
Int 0510-2024 Brannan Establishes prevailing wage requirements for city-contracted human service workers. Monitoring
Int 0482-2024 Won Would establish a searchable public online database to contain information from all stages of the contracting process for every mayoral agency procurement that exceeds the small purchase limits. Monitoring
Int 0730-2024 Stevens Would require each city contractor who has committed to working with community members or organizations to report quarterly on such work to the contracting agency. Monitoring
Int 0731-2024 Stevens Would establish a task force to study the disparity in contracting between city vendors who are awarded contracts and available community-based vendors. The task force would be required to identify circumstances where city agencies could offer improved services by contracting with community-based vendors and make recommendations to the Mayor on ways to increase contracting with community-based vendors when such vendors could offer improved services. The task force would also be responsible for submitting a report to the Mayor and Speaker on its findings Monitoring
Int 0732-2024 Stevens Would require the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (“MOCS”) to hire independent non-profit evaluators to determine the effectiveness of the city’s non-profit programming on non-profit contracts valued at $1 million dollars or more, and produce an annual report on such evaluations. Monitoring
Int 0734-2024 Stevens Would require payment of prevailing wages to human service workers providing human services pursuant to City contracts. Specifically, the proposed bill would require human service providers to pay their human services employees no less than the prevailing wage. Monitoring
Int 0476-2024 Won Establishes a special inspector within the department of investigation to review contracts that were entered into in response to COVID-19, and provide for the repeal of such provision upon the expiration thereof. Monitoring
Int 508-2024 Brannan Requires the Procurement Policy Board to create a process for City agencies to inform vendors of the reason for any late payments. It would also require City agencies to provide the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services with reports on any such late payment. The Mayor’s Office of Contract Services would then provide a report to the Mayor and Council every 6 months with information about the late payments from all City agencies Monitoring
Int 0509-2024 Brannan Creates a division within the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCS) dedicated to coordinating, facilitating and supporting the inter-agency oversight review process of unregistered contracts toward the goal of registering contracts before their start dates. The division would be charged with continuous review of the oversight review process and with reporting its findings and recommendations no less than quarterly to the Council, the Mayor and the Procurement Policy Board. Monitoring
Int 0514-2024 Brannan Requires interest to be paid on late payments under city contracts with non-profit organizations. The non-profit contractor would not be eligible to receive the interest if the non-profit contractor has received a no-interest and no-service-fee loan issued or authorized by a city agency to cover its expenses in relation to the subject contract. Monitoring
Int 0243-2024 Hudson Requires the City Chief Procurement Officer and the Director of Management and Budget, or another officer or agency head designated by the mayor, to develop a methodology for calculating indirect costs, such as facilities or administrative costs, associated with providing human services pursuant to city contracts. Monitoring
Committee on Immigration
Int 0253-2024 Hudson Would establish an Office of Refugee and Migrant Settlement to provide short and long term access to relevant resources including, housing, medical care, education and food to people from outside the U.S. who are resettled in New York City. Monitoring
Res 0042-2024 Avilés Resolution condemning the human trafficking of migrants. Monitoring
Committee on Service & Labor
Int 0375-2024 Powers Regulating covenants not to compete for freelance workers Monitoring
Int 0204-2024 Hanif Amends the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to the expansion of worker coverage under the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act. Monitoring
Int 0208-2024 Hanif Requires that the Mayor provide written and verbal notification of the right to be placed in a Department of Social Services (DSS) shelter to individuals and families who are housed in specific types of emergency congregate housing in New York City Monitoring
Int 0210-2024 Hanif Prohibits any city agency from imposing limits on the length of time an individual or family may remain in shelter or emergency congregate housing, provided such individual or family is eligible for temporary housing assistance under State law, as applicable. Monitoring
Committee on Governmental Operations
Int 908-2024 Adams Would require the advice and consent of the Council as part of the appointment process for 21 city agency commissioners that are not currently required to go through this process. Monitoring
Committee on General Welfare
Int 460-A Ung Requires the department of homeless services to report on the feasibility of establishing partnerships with community-based organizations to accept and process applications for shelter intake from families with children. Monitoring