Our Vision & Mission


  • Nonprofit New York envisions a world where nonprofits have the tools and support they need to be effective, just, and sustainable, and act in solidarity with one another across differences in size, budget, and mission to be a relentless collective force for good.


  • Nonprofit New York champions and strengthens nonprofits through capacity building and advocacy to cultivate a unified, just, and powerful sector.


To realize our vision, Nonprofit New York must anchor all internal operations and external programs in our values, and:


Nonprofit New York needs to grow our revenue streams, expand our membership, strengthen our staff capacity, enhance the technology tools we use to interact with stakeholders, and foster a workplace culture based on the values of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Nonprofit New York needs to provide high-quality capacity building and educational programming to nonprofit organizations, connect nonprofit organizations to information, resources, partners, and expertise that enhance their governance, operations, and programming, and be the go-to source for information about trends and policies impacting nonprofits’ day-to-day functioning.


At the same time, Nonprofit New York needs to bring nonprofits together across sector, mission and size to advocate collectively for the support, recognition and respect nonprofits deserve and heighten the sector’s ability to influence decisions that impact the communities and individuals we serve and employ.


  • Nonprofits play vital and vibrant roles. Nonprofits drive the economy, create and sustain the safety net, build communities, help them make meaning, change and art together, and fuel local democracy by motivating and facilitating civic engagement.
  • Equitable policies and practices are important in the work we do AND the way we do the work.
  • Nonprofit New York’s work should be accessible. The spaces we gather in, the ways we communicate, and the tools we provide need to work for more people.
  • Nonprofit New York must be responsive and resilient. Our work should evolve and adapt as we solicit and integrate feedback from our members through relationship building, collaborative learning spaces, regular evaluations, and community gatherings.
  • Creating change requires building solidarity across the nonprofit sector. Working together and advocating collectively, across subsectors, missions and sizes, amplifies the nonprofit voice and enhances our ability to mobilize for change.


  • Centering equity is a condition of success for nonprofits. Focusing on equity makes nonprofits more effective, accountable, and sustainable.
  • Consistent accountability is required for enduring change. Like most institutions, nonprofits were shaped by systems based on white supremacy, patriarchy, marginalization, and exclusion. Our shared work toward social change requires awareness, action, and accountability.
  • Strengthening and sustaining the nonprofit sector requires reshaping our structures, systems, and approaches in order to ensure power and access are shared. BIPOC led nonprofits, emerging organizations, and groups serving communities who have been intentionally excluded and marginalized are priority constituencies for us.