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SENATE ASSEMBLY Description Our Position
Bill No. Sponsor Bill No. Sponsor
Not-for-Profit Corporation Law
S2727 Skoufis A3715 Paulin Relates to the applicability of open meetings and freedom of information laws to certain not-for-profit corporations. Monitoring
S1711 Comrie Relates to the correction of tax errors made by the nonprofit revitalization act. Monitoring
S2451 Comrie Makes certain nonprofits who contract with the government and are licenced by OPWDD, OMH, or DOH subject to the freedom of information and open meetings law. Monitoring
Fiscal Year 2024 Appropriations Legislation
S. 4000/A. 3000 State Operation and Budget Monitoring
S. 4001/A. 3001 Legislature and Judiciary Monitoring
S. 4002/A. 3002 State Debt Service Monitoring
S. 4003/A. 3003 Aid to Localities Monitoring
S. 4004/A. 3004 Capital Projects Monitoring
Fiscal Year 2024 Article VII Legislation
S. 4006 / A. 3006 Education, Labor, and Family Assistance Monitoring
S. 4007 / A. 3007 Health and Mental Hygiene Monitoring
S. 4005 / A. 3005 Public Protection and Good Government Monitoring
S. 4008 / A. 4008 Transportation, Economic Development, and Environmental Conservation Monitoring
S. 4009 / A. 3009 Revenue Monitoring
Government Contracts
S2481 Hoylman-Sigal Would require all state contractors to submit equal pay reports including workforce pay averages by job category, gender, race, and ethnicity, and the difference between pay averages. Monitoring
Business Relief
S1033 Jackson Establishes the coronavirus pandemic small business and not-for-profit organization loan program. Nonprofits with 100 or less employees may apply for no-interest loans of $75,000 or less, if they've been affected by the pandemic. Support
S2115 Felder A204 Eichenstein Waives the assessment of fines or monetary penalties against a not-for-profit organization, school, place of worship or small business located in a city with a population of one million or more by a state or local agency for a violation of law, rule, regulation or executive order during the COVID-19 covered period; provides exceptions. Support
Property and Other Tax
A1343 Gunther Requires the burden of annually establishing that the requirements of the mandatory class non-profit real property tax exemptions have been satisfied to fall upon the owner of the property and must be proven by clear and convincing evidence. Monitoring
S1082 Comrie A1909 Zinerman Relates to exempting certain nonprofit community gardens from payment for water usage and supply. Monitoring
S1158 Skoufis Sets a 7 year limit to the real property tax exemption for unimproved property of mandatory class nonprofit organizations. Opposed
S1743 Ramos Establishes a rent increase exemption for certain nonprofit organizations; provides a tax abatement for limiting rent increases on nonprofit organizations in a city of one million or more persons. Support
S2116 Felder Relates to privately owned vacant property temporarily used for public benefit, to be temporarily exempt from taxation and ad valorem levies. Monitoring
A753 Hunter Requires not-for-profit corporations to have a board of directors which reflects the ethnic demographics of the communities that they serve to be able to receive state funds. Monitoring
Employer Requirements
S913 Liu A2562 Seawright Establishes an essential workers' bill of rights; provides that all employers shall provide essential workers with personal protective equipment, inform such workers of exposure to any disease related to a state disaster emergency, and not retaliate for any report of an unsafe work environment; provides certain employers shall make hazard payments and cover the costs of any child care or health care needed by such essential workers for the duration of the state disaster emergency. Monitoring
Civil Practice Law and Rules
A307 Rosenthal An Act to amend the civil practice law and rules, in relation to exempting certain accounts established by not-for-profit corporations from application to the satisfaction of money judgments for bankruptcy purposes. Monitoring
Land Use
S4293 Lanza Clarifies the extension of uniform land use review procedures to any not-for-profit organization or corporation proposing to provide shelters to the homeless irrespective of any declaration of an emergency or a finding of need for immediate action. Monitoring