TAKE ACTION! We can – and must – protect NY #nonprofits!

Sept 27, 2018 - The Daily News published an op-ed in September by the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC), Human Services Council (HSC) and the New York Council Of Nonprofits (NYCON) regarding the UBIT/commuter benefits issues. You can read the full op-ed on the Daily News website. NPCC created a coalition that drafted a bill, got it introduced, and passed in the last week of the legislature, that will decouple the federal and state tax laws, saving New York nonprofits an additional 9% tax (on top of the federal 21% tax). Rough estimates show this will save the sector hundreds of millions of dollars. The Daily News op-ed highlights why this bill is necessary and how Governor Cuomo can protect nonprofits with a simple signature. NPCC will provide an update when the bill is passed.

Take action! Please distribute our message and op-ed on social media. Our message is: “We can – and must – protect NY #nonprofits!”