Become an NPCC trainer! Deadline to apply is July 20

Become an NPCC trainer! Deadline to apply is July 20

NPCC is proud to offer professional development and learning opportunities to members and nonmembers alike as part of our mission to help New York nonprofits thrive to build better communities for all. As we continue to develop and improve our programs, our aim remains to provide our members with the tools, information, and resources to be excellent.

NPCC’s workshops are a part of our overall educational programming, which also includes the more in-depth, module-based Learning Labs and the Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Together, these educational opportunities allow nonprofits to engage in holistic learning, practice, feedback and improvement.

Join Us As A Trainer!

We are very excited to be planning our educational offerings for next year, and we invite you to submit a workshop proposal for trainings on topics that align with our Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. This is an opportunity for nonprofit staff, consultants and others to share their expertise and brand with our 1,700+ members. Formats could include workshops, webinars, panel discussions – if you are interested in presenting it, we want to hear about it! The trainings will be scheduled for the period beginning October 2018 through September 2019.

If you are interested in leading an NPCC workshop (or webinar!), please view our application and/or submit a proposal!

Note: NPCC does not compensate trainers and we have a strict non-solicitation policy for workshop presenters.

The deadline to submit an application is July 20, 2018. We look forward to your submissions!

Questions about the application? Please contact Alexa Salamé, Programs Coordinator at [email protected] or call the office at (212) 502-4191.