Our Work Continues

Dear Nonprofit New York members, partners, and friends,

With the General Election behind us, and a history-making administration before us, Nonprofit New York joins you in taking a collective deep breath.

Upon exhaling, we renew our efforts to educate, advocate, and support the nonprofit sector. We have a lot of work to do together.  We face a deeply divided nation, a continuing pandemic, and a dire economic situation. Now more than ever, the New York City area needs a relentless, collective force for good. As we move forward, nonprofits will continue to anchor us to what matters.

Thank you for the work you do.  Thank you for demonstrating your resilience and showing up over and over again in big and small ways to make clear what it means to be committed to mission and community.

We lack the words to express adequately how tough this year has been. We have experienced loss and our days continue to be defined by uncertainty and worry about what comes next. Many of us are wondering what this election will mean for our organizations and the communities we serve. 

We cannot predict when additional federal relief may come, what it might look like, or when the economy will recover. But we do know some things for certain. You inspire us with your powerful mix of pragmatism, creativity, idealism and determination. We know that racial equity matters, and we will not go back to business as usual. We know nonprofits see a need, figure out how to respond, and are too often asked to do more with less. We know that even though organizations face choices that feel impossible, when we advocate together we are powerful. With the COVID-19 crisis and the economic devastation still raging in its wake, we know we will continue to be faced with many challenges.

Please join us on December 7th and December 8th for our virtual 2020 Best Nonprofit Conference, where we will come together to celebrate and learn from the extraordinary organizations recognized through this year’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards and reimagine a nonprofit community that is more equitable and sustainable.

Nonprofit New York sees you, we’re grateful for the opportunity to support you, and we’re sure that we can all be stronger together. 

The Team at Nonprofit New York