NPCC is Moving in 2019!

NPCC is Moving in 2019!


We're Moving Next Year!

NPCC is thrilled to be joining Philanthropy New York and the United Nations Foundation as tenants at the newly-named and renovated Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice , located at the foundation’s landmark headquarters building on East 43rd Street. NPCC is excited to be a part of this vibrant and accessible hub for champions of social justice across sectors, where we will bring NPCC member voices to the conversations and actions. We look forward to welcoming you in to our new space in 2019. You may have some questions. We have some answers!

Why is NPCC moving so soon after it just moved?

Believe it or not, we last moved in 2013! It seems like yesterday, but it’s already been five years. And, because of our new strategy and programming, we’re already outgrowing this space. Moving to the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is an opportunity for NPCC to grow our programs through the exponentially larger convening space that Ford has. The lengthy tenancy is also extremely cost effective for NPCC in the long-term, and will allow us to devote more resources to our programming.

Is NPCC merging with or being absorbed by Ford?

NPCC will remain an independent nonprofit, responsible for all of our programming, our fundraising, and our governance. We are excited to bring NPCC member voices to the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, and to continue all of NPCC’s unique programs, from our Learning Labs to our Nonprofit Excellent Awards and Best Nonprofit Conference , to our policy and advocacy, in our new home. Our mission will continue to focus on how to build a powerful nonprofit community in New York.

How will NPCC’s programs change?

They won’t! NPCC underwent a multi-year strategic planning process and we’ve just finished year one of our three-year plan. We’re excited to continue that strategy at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, and our programs won’t change (unless our members ask us to change them). Being at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice will allow us to do more for our members – for example, at our current office we can only hold one meeting at a time, but at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, we’ll have access to multiple convening spaces at the same time. What we do, and how we do it, will continue to be determined by NPCC’s members , Board , and staff.

What will happen to NPCC's current location at 135 W. 36th Street?

Our space at West 36th Street is available for a possible sublease or assignment. Learn more about the space. If interested, please contact Christopher D. Turner at Denham Wolf Real Estate Services: [email protected] ; (212) 736-6777 x 227.