2018 Needs Assessment Survey

2018 Needs Assessment Survey

NPCC launched our 2018 Needs Assessment Survey to help us understand the current needs of New York City area nonprofits. This survey informs NPCC's priorities in the work we do for your organization, and for the nonprofit sector. Let us know what matters to you!

We want to hear from everyone! Based on the feedback from our last survey, we made sure this year’s survey is straightforward and to the point, without any complicated questions.

We’ll share high level survey results with you in August 2018.*

We welcome any questions and feedback about the survey. Please reach out to our Knowledge Director, Constance Ferber, at [email protected] with questions or suggestions for improvement.

Our work together can build a powerful nonprofit community in New York. We thank you in advance for your input.

Complete the survey today.

*The collective results from this survey will be released to give other nonprofit organizations of all missions, ages, and sizes, an opportunity to learn more about sector-wide challenges. Individual responses to this survey will remain confidential.