A New Year: A Message from the President

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the NPCC team, I'd like to wish you a happy New Year and take a moment to reflect on where we've been and where we're going.

Nonprofits were at the center of many policy and societal debates in 2017, whether we were the front page story or not. This year, nonprofits saw policy changes that deeply impact our communities - budget cuts, threats to nonprofit non-partisanship and  to our ability to raise charitable donations, and reports and analyses that the sector is not doing enough to close the racial leadership gap.

NPCC entered 2017 with the goal of supporting resilience in nonprofits , addressing policy changes, and providing programs, services and benefits that our members need. Together, we accomplished a lot this last year:

  • We successfully launched a series of workshops with the Mental Health Association of NYC called 'Addressing Trauma: Self Care Strategies For You & The Communities You Serve,' which highlights the importance of self-care as a form of capacity-building.
  • With you, we fought back a threat to nonprofit non-partisanship through the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.
  • We worked on policy issues like challenging the Governor's overly-broad donor disclosure law, Get Out the Vote efforts, 2020 Census planning, and securing a city agency-wide 25% advance policy on human services contracts through the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee.
  • We introduced four new member benefits to provide new ways to save money on retirement plans, human resource solutions, and cyber liability insurance, and access to a foundation directory.
  • We expanded our membership and increased its diversity through new partnerships with The Field and the Staten Island Not-For-Profit Association to support the arts sub-sector and Staten Island nonprofits, respectively.
  • We created an annual calendar of free professional development opportunities for every member of your staff through our new Education & Training calendar.

And in 2018, we'll be doing a lot more with and for our members:

  • Taking Care of Our Teams: In 2018, we have to focus on our people. Nonprofit staff, and the communities we serve, have been through a harrowing year, where laws, funding, and social norms have vacillated wildly, and distressingly. NPCC's members tell us this has taken a toll on their work - and we need to care for staff by providing spaces to reflect, practice self-care, develop coping strategies and resources to address trauma. In February we will be offering the 'Addressing Trauma' series again to give you the tools you need to take care of yourself, and your team.
  • Demanding Equity: In 2018, we should expect more cruel and disruptive policies around immigration, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, and increased attention to white supremacy, violence, and sexual harassment, and our people will feel the effects, directly and vicariously. We need to care for staff by providing equitable, non-oppressive work environments, and resources for staff on the front lines. We also need to pay nonprofit staff a living wage, provide good retirement and health benefits, and truly diversify boards and staff to create creative, productive, and innovative work environments that are prepared to respond to uncertain times. We'll be working with our friends and colleagues across the sector to demand equity within the sector. We know that nonprofits must be diverse and inclusive to be successful and that equitable nonprofits are a model for other sectors. We're going to put our voice, and our resources, behind this movement.
  • Advancing Policy Advocacy: In 2018, in addition to critical policy issues like the 2020 Census, DACA, and net neutrality, nonprofits will have to focus on advocacy for our funding, our missions, and our identity. We will have to strategize and advocate collectively to fight against harmful policies and promote good ones. We will be at the forefront of these issues, asking hard questions and bringing you the information you need on any policy issue impacting our sector.
  • Convening, Strategically: In 2018, we'll also be looking for ways to help you do the thinking and strategizing that we know you need in order to be nimble in these times. We'll be bringing people together to strategize - in ways that are efficient, non-duplicative, and cross-sector where possible.

We will continue to leverage NPCC's unique position to protect and promote the sector and, with your feedback , keep a laser focus on improving our offerings and programming. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming workshops and forums and especially at the Annual Meeting of Members, March 27, 2018, at the CUNY Graduate Center . In 2018, NPCC resolves to work with you to help you build your capacity, strength, and readiness to keep New York and its communities thriving.

Let's get to work!