What is The Community?

The Community is Nonprofit New York's custom online hub for our members and partners to find resources, share ideas and content, and connect with service providers and each other.

Less email, more conversation

We get it. You get a ton of emails in your inbox each day, and we don’t want to lose you as a subscriber. (But we totally support unsubscribing from those pesky emails on entering to win a Caribbean vacation!) We also hear you when you tell us you’re interested in topics we email about: nonprofit advocacy and policy. Our Learning Lab series. The Nonprofit Excellence Awards. We built The Community with the idea in mind that there should be space to talk about these topics beyond an email. Consider our emails moving forward as a launch pad to raise important topics and events (and sometimes an invitation to mingle with us) and talk further within the Community Forum.

Better, faster service

We’ll still be available in-person and over the phone, but The Community fills a gap that allows for 24-hour access to discussions that can happen anytime, anywhere. For instance, The Community now offers more information about consultants in our Referral Center that doesn’t require a phone call to our office for that information. From our president to our development coordinator, Nonprofit New York staff will be participating in the Community Forum and making themselves accessible to answer any questions, offer a resource, or to say hello.

Thoughtful engagement

Here at Nonprofit New York, we are constantly thinking about ways to improve how we connect with our members and partners. We understand you don’t always know who to reach out to, and The Community is an answer to that challenge. Our goal is to strengthen our relationships with our members in-person and online. You can strengthen relationships and build networking opportunities with other members, and not lose connections you made in in our learning space. Our goal is to be active in our Community Forum, answer questions from members and be accessible to the people we serve. There will be a forum group for everyone, whether we create it, or you do.

Keeping up with technology

We researched other platforms similar to Nonprofit New York’s Community, but nothing quite matched up to what our members say they need and what this type of space for nonprofits could look like as a robust, online community and support system. Since building The Community from scratch, we took all of our existing resources, tools, templates, and reports from our former Nonprofit Toolbox on the website, and did a deep overhaul. We updated and moved these resources to The Community’s Knowledge Center, where resources are better organized, thoughtfully linked to related resources, and serve as points of discussions for our Community Forum groups.

Striving to nonprofit better, not nonprofit perfect

We already rolled up our sleeves to build The Community, but we know there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done, with a big question to answer: How do we continue to improve The Community so that it meets the needs of our members, our partners, and Nonprofit New York? We remain open to all feedback about The Community, and we’re confident we’re in it for the long-run to make this a successful engagement tool for our members and the nonprofit community.