Short-term rental spaces available

  • Location: Manhattan
  • Type: Office Space Rental

IAC is a nonprofit membership organization that facilitates hundreds of meetings and trainings annually for our members in our conference rooms. In total we have four short-term rental spaces, with three connected and/or separated by retractable sound proof walls

  • Rooms A & B are 38 x 26
  • Room C is 19 x 26
  • A, B, & C combined are 57 x 26
  • Room D is separate and is 22 x 17

All of our rooms are equipped with at least 1 80 inch display, WIFI, and video conferening equipment. We are conveniently located on W. 30th. St and 7th ave, 2 blocks from Penn Station. Images of our space can be provided upon request. Please contact Ariana at [email protected] with any questions and interest.