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The Nonprofit Technology Framework: Tools and Skills for Thriving in the “New Normal”

Do you need a clear plan for technology growth to meet the demands and opportunities in today’s “new normal”? Join us to learn the skills, processes (and a few great tools!) so that you can transform your organization through excellence in technology!

Kim Snyder and Joshua Peskay of RoundTable Technology have recently released the Nonprofit Technology Framework, a tool to help nonprofit professionals build the skills to leverage technology and thrive in today’s world. We’ve invited Kim and Joshua to take you on a learning journey through the Nonprofit Technology Framework, to explore excellence in each of the key areas of IT Leadership, Governance, Cybersecurity, Data, Project and Change Management. During this highly interactive workshop, you will have access to tools and resources that have been developed specifically for the nonprofit professional. This six-part program will help you to build a culture of strategic transformation, collaboration, and accountability and enable you to optimize on the opportunities that are so essential for thriving in today’s “new normal.”

Session Titles and Key Take-aways

  1. I Can See Clearly Now (May 18, 1-2:30)
  2. Assessing where you are and where you want to go

    • Why technology matters for mission
    • Technology capacity as a continuum
    • Understanding current state versus desired state
    • Building the 1-page Technology Plan
    • Technology and the New Normal
    • There’s been a huge shift in cybercrime AND data privacy
  3. Excellent! (May 25,1-2:30)
  4. What it means to have “excellence” in technology and why it matters

    • The different functions of technology governance, and how they make a difference
    • Understanding excellence as a continuum in IT leadership, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data and Project/Change Management
    • Measuring technology excellence in your organization
  5. The Magic of Data Culture (June 1, 1-2:30)
  6. Becoming a data-informed organization that protects what it collects

    • Documenting workflow with an Information Workflow Inventory
    • Visualizing the process (and gaps and risks) with a Data Map
    • Pathways for gaining data insights in 2022
    • Data privacy and ethical data practices
  7. Cybersecurity and the “Reasonable” Imperative (June 8,1-2:30)
  8. What “reasonable” cybersecurity means and why you need to be “reasonable”

    • The three cybersecurity basics if you do nothing else
    • Organizational risk appetite (or aversion)
    • How the idea of “reasonable” cybersecurity applies to privacy laws
  9. Herding Cats - Project and Change Management (June 15, 1-2:30)
  10. How to keep your culture from eating your strategy

    • Why everything starts with the problem to be solved, who you’re solving it for and why solving it matters
    • The three faces of change management
    • Retrospectives and the importance of pivots
  11. Changing the Wheels While Driving the Car (June 22, 1-2:30)
  12. Agility and excellence in technology as a way of being

    • Building a culture of accountability while getting the work done
    • Getting buy-in for investments and effort
    • Right-sizing the overwhelm
    • Building continuous improvement into the process


Members: $175 for the series

Non-members: $225 for the series

If you register one participant at full price, you can register a second participant from your organization for 50% off!

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