Learning Labs

Network with peers, connect with experts, build skills, move the needle.

Trying to grow a program or develop your leadership skills, but feel like you’re working in isolation? Do you wish you could connect with your peers about the issues your organization is working on? We can help! At Nonprofit New York, we believe that when your nonprofit is stronger, all of us are stronger. Our Learning Labs give you the opportunity to hear from experts in the field while practicing problem-solving and experiential learning, so you can get both the tools you need and the situational understanding of how to use them.

Nonprofit New York’s Learning Labs is a 5-week, cohort-based training series aligned with our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. Applicants are expected to have prior knowledge in the Learning Lab’s Key Area, but are looking for updates and strategies to make improvements at their organization, from strengthening your management practices in tech to governance to HR. Each session features a combination of lecture, discussion, and group exercises guided by expert facilitators to tap into different styles of learning and start applying lessons right away.

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