Happy New Year 2023 from Nonprofit New York

Happy New Year 2023 from Nonprofit New York

Dear Nonprofit New York Members, 

The last three years suggest that making predictions about the new year being the best ever is probably not a great idea. There will undoubtedly be many challenges ahead, but I’m focusing on Maya Angelou’s thoughts on hope and fear - they cannot occupy the same space at the same time. In that spirit, I’m inviting hope to stay and looking forward to 2023 with resolve and optimism.

Nonprofit New York has many reasons to be hopeful as we kick off 2023. As a result of the tremendous work on the part of our staff and Board, we kick off the new year with a refreshed take on our mission, vision, and theory of change. We also worked together to articulate the values and approach to center equity that drives our collective work.  

I’m excited about the many different ways Nonprofit New York will champion and strengthen nonprofits through capacity building and advocacy to cultivate a unified, just, and powerful sector in the coming year. This kind of work we can only do together collectively and we welcome your ideas and feedback.

If you were able to join us for the annual conference in early December, you know we believe practice makes progress. Candidly sharing lessons learned from mistakes helps all of us build more effective, sustainable, and accountable organizations. There is no single right way to confront challenges that are constantly changing. A major component of my hope for 2023 is we can all commit to treating others and ourselves with more grace as we learn, adapt, and grow.

This year, the nonprofit sector will face setbacks, infuriating inertia on important issues, and frustrating barriers that block efforts to transform good ideas into meaningful change. By working together, we can ensure there will be lots of productive joy, shared purpose, and forward progress. 

Thank you for all you do every day of every year. We’re excited to work with you.

With wishes for hope and grace,

Meg Barnette

President & CEO