Get the 2022 Voter Engagement Toolkit for Nonprofits!

Nonprofits are trusted spaces in our communities and we must ensure that they have the tools they need to participate in voter engagement while continuing to be above the political fray. To honor this need, Community Votes, Nonprofit New York, and Nonprofit VOTE have partnered together to create the 2022 Voter Engagement Toolkit for 501(c)3 organizations.

The 2022 Nonprofit Voter Engagement Toolkit serves as a guide for nonprofits to effectively educate and mobilize their communities for civic engagement. This toolkit includes checklists, FAQs, and sample content for nonprofits to encourage voting in their community and network!

Last year, organizations who participated in a training using this toolkit turned out voters for the New York City primary election at a rate 15% higher than other voters in the City. Check out the Toolkit to find out all the ways your nonprofit can get more people out for this year’s election.

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