Nonprofit New York Policy Roundup for March 21, 2022

Nonprofit New York Policy Roundup for March 21, 2022

Wondering how recent government actions and regulations might affect your nonprofit? Check out our policy roundup: collection of nonprofit-relevant policy updates all summarized into one newsletter.

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Federal Updates

Senate Hearing on Charitable Giving and Nonprofit Trends

The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on Thursday, March 17, Examining Charitable Giving and Trends in the Nonprofit Sector. The hearing focused mostly on the challenges nonprofits have faced during the pandemic and charitable giving. Various committee members expressed support for and discussed restoring and increasing the universal charitable deduction, Employee Retention Tax Credit, Universally Giving Pandemic Recovery Act, WORK NOW Act, and Accelerating Charitable Efforts (ACE) Act. Prior to the hearing, the National Council of Nonprofits and 15 state associations with Senators on the Committee submitted statements or written letters promoting the nonprofit policy priorities. You can go here to watch the hearing video.

Omnibus Spending Bill

On March 15, 2022 President Biden signed H .R. 2471, a $1.5 trillion government funding package to fund the federal government through September, 2022. The omnibus spending package does not include policy priorities for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022

Independent Sector is championing a draft bill intended to strengthen nonprofits, scale effective solutions, reduce bureaucracy, and support the nonprofit workforce. The Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022 would release quarterly economic data on the nonprofit sector, reduce paperwork for nonprofits to register and fundraise in multiple states, streamline grant and contracting processes, and provide clearer rules on nonprofit civic engagement.


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