Happy New Year from Nonprofit New York

January 4th, 2022
Happy New Year from Nonprofit New York

Dear Nonprofit New York Members, 

As we look forward to 2022, we know that many things will be different in New York City. We will be working with a new Mayor, a new Comptroller, 5 new Borough Presidents, and 38 new City Council Members. There will be new faces and new energy in many of the City agencies that work closely with nonprofits, and at all levels of government, there will be a growing awareness of the advocacy potential of an increasingly organized and collaborative nonprofit sector.

We also know that too many of the challenges we’ve faced over the last couple of years are not going away anytime soon. Some days it feels more like March 648, 2020 than January 3, 2022, but when I think about how much we have endured, learned, and accomplished together, it is impossible not to be hopeful about our ongoing, collective work to build a more equitable, sustainable, and effective sector. 

I’m famous in my family for my long list of new year resolutions. High on the list this year is to take a lesson from those who improvise professionally. When faced with a new challenge—or even more difficult, the same challenge that just will not go away—I’m going to try to say “yes AND”. I’m going to try to stop waiting for the waves to cease and make time for some surfing lessons. 

We are carrying some heavy burdens and uncertainties into 2022 AND we are determined to continue to serve our communities with hard-earned wisdom.

We are tired from all these last two years have asked of us AND we are figuring out how to take rest seriously and return to our challenges restored and recharged.

We keep being asked to do more with less AND we are organizing in new ways to ensure that our sector receives the respect, support, and recognition we absolutely deserve.

The work required to make racial equity a condition of success is daunting AND we know that doing this work makes our organizations stronger, more sustainable, and more accountable to the communities we serve. 

The nonprofit sector is resilient and innovative AND there are so many ways Nonprofit New York can provide information, ideas, and services that enhance the good work being done by our members.

It is hard to focus on longer term capacity building and advocacy when budgets are tight AND investing in our collective action makes all of us stronger.

The Nonprofit New York team is excited about working with you this year. We are committed to continuing our high quality learning opportunities AND excited to be offering them in new ways, providing new services, and helping you make new connections. Thank you for sharing your expertise, feedback, insight, and financial support with us. This year will not be easy AND we are so lucky to be in this together with you.

With much gratitude and determination, 

Meg Barnette

President & CEO