The 2021 Nonprofit Compensation Report Is Here!

The 2021 Nonprofit Compensation Report Is Here!

Nonprofit New York has proudly partnered with JDM Benefits and Nonprofit HR to bring you a total compensation report consisting of both salary and benefits. The 2021 Compensation Report offers a look at the average compensation packages being offered across the sector, so you can see how your organization's offerings stack up.

This year’s report includes questions on:

  • Annual salary amounts (with over 100 job titles!)
  • Health insurance packages (e.g. premiums, co-pay amounts)
  • Employer contributions to retirement
  • And much, much more!

All disaggregated by subsector and budget size, so you can compare your organization’s compensation package to similar organizations in the New York City area!

There are 3 ways to access the report:

Report Section Price for Members*
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Price for Non-Members**
Salary Report FREE $250
Benefits Report $50 $200
Full Compensation Report [Salary + Benefits] U$100 $350

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