In Conversation With F.Y. Eye

In Conversation With F.Y. Eye

Programs Director Taina Sanon spoke with Nina Robbins of F.Y. Eye, Inc., a member organization of Nonprofit New York. We will continue to highlight the work of our members because we believe when your nonprofit is stronger, all of us are stronger.

Tell me about the organization and what you do.

F.Y. Eye is a New York based and focused nonprofit media agency that works with other nonprofits and government organizations to build awareness about important social, civic, technological, and educational resources that can enhance the lives of the most vulnerable and help them stay connected.

How many are on your team?


Servicing how many of the nonprofit population?

We have served over 132 nonprofits as well as the individual New Yorkers they support

Where do you see your organization in the next five years or ten years?

F.Y. Eye is building New York’s first-ever community-driven media cooperative (the PSA Network). Expansion of our independent advertising platform will provide nonprofits equal access to the physical advertising spaces that have been historically reserved for Fortune 500 companies and established nonprofits with big media budgets.

In five to ten years, our community-driven media cooperative will have an online and offline digital footprint that reaches every underserved neighborhood in New York City.

How has partnering with Nonprofit New York helped you succeed?

Partnering with Nonprofit New York has helped us succeed by providing access to workshops on a variety of critical nonprofit needs that have helped us grow and evolve. Additionally, Nonprofit New York has provided access to a network of other like-minded organizations that have become partners, clients and collaborators.

What are you currently working on that you want us to mention to our membership?

The Consumer Technology Association Foundation is partnering with F.Y. Eye to expand the F.Y. Eye community-driven media cooperative (the PSA Network) to five new nonprofit organizations that serve older adults and/or people with disabilities. With their support, we are offering grant funding that covers 85% of the cost of purchasing and installing the digital communications technology at five new sites.

Joining the PSA Network is more than just grant funding for a digital billboard, it's an opportunity to be a part of a media cooperative that enables nonprofits across New York City to share trustworthy information with each other and each other's audiences.