Solidarity with NYC’s Asian American Communities

Nonprofit New York stands in solidarity with Asian New Yorkers and Asian American communities across the country. We know racism is deadly, and we decry the violence, fear, and trauma experienced by our Asian American neighbors, elders, and fellow New Yorkers.  

Time and time again over the last year, we have learned that real recovery is going to require us to do and think differently. Our collective efforts to rebuild a vibrant, dynamic New York must center racial equity, making sure all of our community members are heard and feel safe, and meaningfully including work around restorative justice.

We uplift the insight and outrage of our partner and member organizations who work with Asian American communities every day. We see you. We know that we are stronger together.

Ways to support Asian New Yorkers amidst violence targeting Asian Communities

From Lisa Gold, Executive Director of the Asian American Arts Alliance:

Things we can all do:

  • Educate yourself on what is happening in New York and across the country; 
  • Share what you are learning with your networks and retweet it at elected officials; 
  • If you see something then document it; and,
  • Donate to Asian-led, Asian-focused organizations. 

From Ravi Redi, Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Asian American Federation:

Things we should all be calling on New York City elected officials to do:

  • Support the efforts of trusted Asian-led, Asian-serving organizations to centralize the reporting of incidents in order to connect victims to services they need; 
  • Invest in community-based safety measures to allow Asian organizations to coordinate a safety ambassador program to ensure more immediate safety in the streets; 
  • Provide recovery services in Asian languages to help victims heal from the trauma; and,
  • Increase access to mental health services for all communities to reduce harm. 

Additional resources:

Follow community organizations doing the work:

In solidarity,
Nonprofit New York