Policy Updates | February 23, 2021

Policy Updates | February 23, 2021

Nonprofit New York acknowledges and condemns the recent surge in violence against the Asian community across the country. We uplift and amplify the Asian American Federation’s statement with Asian, Black and Hispanic nonprofits condemning attacks and calling for solutions from New York City to the west coast.

TAKE ACTION: Nonprofit New York Advocacy Opportunities

  • 2021 Nonprofit City Agenda
  • A Place at the Table Campaign Twitter Storm on February 25

Federal Updates

  • Sign on opportunity: National letter for nonprofit relief
    • Analysis of relief
  • Now is the best time to apply for a PPP loan
  • Shuttered Venue Operators Program
  • Emergency Unemployment Relief for Nonprofits Act

Upcoming Nonprofit New York Policy Events

  • March 9: We can do it! Nonprofit Voter Engagement Policy Forum

NEW Nonprofit New York Policy Resources

  • 2019 New York City Nonprofit Data Report
  • Social media action toolkit

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