Our New Report with Comptroller Stringer: The Economic Impact of NYC’s Nonprofits

Our New Report with Comptroller Stringer: The Economic Impact of NYC’s Nonprofits

New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer and Nonprofit New York today released a new report, as covered by Crain’s, analyzing the impact of the nonprofit sector on the local economy, creating a first-of-its-kind New York City Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figure for the nonprofit sector. The analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the state of this vital sector and its workforce before the COVID-19 pandemic, showing that the nonprofit sector employs over 660,000 people and generates more than $77 billion for the city’s economy – 9.4% of New York City GDP.

As part of this substantial contribution to the City’s economy, nonprofits employ almost 18% of New York City’s private workforce and account for nearly 5% of all businesses. They pay nearly $42 billion in wages each year and have workforces comprised primarily of women and people of color.

“At this profound and urgent moment, amidst a pandemic that has exposed the dangerous fragility of our social safety net, and an uprising for racial justice that has exposed deep and systemic racial inequality, New York’s nonprofits are a relentless, collective force for good,” said Meg Barnette, President & CEO of Nonprofit New York. “They have put their mission and communities first, managed immense change with no lead time, and found ways to respond to increased needs with diminished resources. But they cannot support families facing trauma, they cannot help organize for justice, they cannot lift up communities, indeed many cannot even survive without the relief, funding, and respect that reflect their critical role in our City’s economy and communities.”

“The nonprofit sector cannot be sidelined during conversations about the city’s economic health and stability,” said Comptroller Stringer. “Our nonprofits provide essential cultural, educational, health and social services to millions of New Yorkers. While the City has to make tough budgetary decisions in this crisis, we cannot nickel and dime the very same nonprofits we will rely on to support our most vulnerable communities and we cannot afford to lose the jobs and revenue that the sector contributes. Any plan for New York City relief and recovery must prioritize our nonprofits who are the essential fabric of our social safety net.”

Most nonprofit workers are women and people of color

  • 64% are women, 56% are people of color, 34% are foreign-born
  • Nearly half (47%) of nonprofit workers are between the ages of 20 and 39.

Nonprofits employ 662,025 people, or 18% of total private employment in the City

  • More than one-third of Bronx workers are employed by nonprofits; 25% on Staten Island, 21.2% in Brooklyn, 15.7% in Manhattan, and 14.6% in Queens.

New York City Nonprofits pay $42 billion in total wages per year

  • Median nonprofit wage is $63,056, compared to $93,133 for all private sector workers in NYC.

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