In conversation with Nonprofit New York member: The Sylvia Center

In conversation with Nonprofit New York member: The Sylvia Center

Membership Director Taina Sanon spoke with Jennifer John of The Sylvia Center, a member organization of Nonprofit New York. We will continue to highlight the work of our members, like The Sylvia Center, because we believe when your nonprofit is stronger, all of us are stronger.

Tell me about the organization and what you do.

The Sylvia Center works with young people in underserved communities so that they can enjoy, prepare and speak up for healthy food.

How many are on your team?

7 full-time, 25+ part-time

Servicing how many of the nonprofit population?

Each year, serving 3,500-4,000 young people and families in New York.

Where do you see your organization in the next five years or ten years?
The Sylvia Center strives to become a community resource for healthy cooking and food education by partnering with organizations across New York. We want to expand to meet the needs of the most high-need, high-potential neighborhoods in NYC and Hudson Valley.

How has partnering with Nonprofit New York helped you succeed?

We know we can't do it alone. Nonprofit New York helps us stay connected to trends and the best performers in nonprofit administration. We know that by setting the bar high, and striving towards the goals of the Nonprofit Excellence Awards, we can constantly improve to better serve our community.

What are you currently working on that you want us to mention to our membership?

We are building partnerships in NYC with settlement houses and other youth serving organizations.