Meet the 2020 Nonprofit Excellence Awards Selection Committee

Meet the 2020 Nonprofit Excellence Awards Selection Committee

There would be no Nonprofit Excellence Awards program without our expert judges. Learn more about the 2020 Awards Selection Committee!

On May 20th, our 2020 Selection Committee had their virtual kick-off meeting to launch the 2020 Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Through the Awards program, Nonprofit New York shines a spotlight on exceptional nonprofits that stand out in our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. The Awards are an opportunity for all of us to learn from - and aspire to - their best practices.

The two main goals of the Awards program are to uplift excellent management practices within the New York nonprofit sector and to educate and promote learning about nonprofit management in order to build strong, resilient nonprofits. We could not achieve these goals without the generosity and brilliance of the Selection Committee members, who each donates over 100 hours of volunteer time to evaluating applicants for the Awards. Their feedback and analysis are provided to all applicants throughout the Awards process.

They are not just generous and smart, they are also a very interesting crew! Here are some fun facts about the Selection Committee:

  • Some of their hobbies and interests include: DJing, bread baking, languages, pottery, and photography.
  • When asked if they could live somewhere else for a year, no answer was the same. They chose locations like: Ghana, Cuba, Paris, Japan, Florida, Bangkok, Iran, Utah, and Tuscany.
  • When asked why they are volunteering for this, one member said, "To help other nonprofits thrive and fulfill their missions."