Who is New York City’s Nonprofit Sector?

Who is New York City’s Nonprofit Sector?

Updated Research on the State of the Sector

In partnership with Baruch College’s Center for Nonprofit Strategy & Management (CNSM), SeaChange Capital Partners, and Funders for LGBTQ Issues, on February 6th, 2020, Nonprofit New York presented research on the current status of the nonprofit sector in New York City during a Policy Research Forum. High level data is shared below, and we plan to release more in-depth analysis in the coming months.

Total Nonprofits & Fields of Interest
Using data from the IRS, Baruch College’s CNSM found that there are 46,595 total nonprofits in New York City. Manhattan has the largest number of registered organizations at over 20,000, followed by Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Where are We?
Total Nonprofits by Borough

Nonprofit Employment
Using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2017, Nonprofit New York analyzed the share of the private workforce in New York City composed of nonprofit workers and their wages.

Nonprofit Employment is Higher in New York City and State than the rest of the U.S.
Nonprofit Employment as Percent of Private Sector by Region

Average Annual Nonprofit Wages by Region

Financial Stability of Nonprofits
With aggregated financial data from 1,335 nonprofits’ 990 data, SeaChange Capital Partners found that New York City nonprofits are financially fragile - with varying degrees across sectors.

New York City’s Nonprofits are Generally Not Financially Strong

10% of organizations’ liabilities exceed assets