You may have heard by now some news about a popular online donation platform called It appears that the organization lost its charitable status  in August of 2018, and it had taken down its website in late June or July. Our members have reported that they have not been able to get in touch with by phone. This is, of course, distressing for many of our members, especially those who were currently using to collect donations.
We have checked in with our friends at the Lawyers Alliance for New York, and they suggest that if you are owed money by, you should:
  1. Call the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau to report your situation. You can call Karin Kunstler Goldman, Deputy Bureau Chief – Charities Bureau, at (212) 416-8392
  2. Call your insurance provider to report the issue
  3. File a police report (we've been hearing that the police won't take a report, and instead direct you to the Charities Bureau, but you should call your local precinct to see if they will take a report)
We have heard from our members that they are looking for new online donation platforms. Here are some options:
As always, we encourage and urge our members to do their due diligence before choosing any third party company.
Please reach out to us and let us know if you need anything!
Taïna Sanon
Membership Manager
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