NPCC is now Nonprofit New York


NPCC is now Nonprofit New York! Our name has changed, but our work to strengthen and unite New York’s nonprofits remains the same.

What’s changing?

  • We have a new name, logo, and tagline! Effective immediately, we will be known as Nonprofit New York™, a relentless, collective force for good. 
  • We have a new website address! You can still access all of our membership information, education and training, resources, policy alerts, and more at 
  • Our social media links have changed! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • If you need to reach any of the team by email, you can access our new email addresses on our staff page.
  • You’ll be seeing our new name and logo on all of our correspondence, including invoices, workshop registrations, and our e-newsletters.  

This is big news! Is anything staying the same?

Our name drops the ‘Coordinating Committee of’ but keeps the focus and the drive of our mission and work. Our programs - including our workshops, Learning Labs, Nonprofit Excellence Awards, and policy work - haven’t changed. You can still find our Knowledge Center, Referral Center, and Forums on The Community. You can still get on-demand answers to your most pressing problems through our HelpLine and reduce stress and expenses through our discount program and other membership benefits! We are proud of the work that we do to build a healthy, united, and powerful nonprofit community.

Want to talk to someone over the phone? You can still reach us at (212) 502-4191.

Why the new name?

It may seem sudden to you, but at Nonprofit New York, we’ve been working on this shift for a while now!

In 2017, we announced our FY18-FY20 Strategic Plan that would enable us to offer stronger programming and better services and that took us back to our roots in policy and advocacy. That strategy led us to develop programs to better serve our members. But we didn’t just want to build stronger nonprofits. We wanted to inspire a powerful nonprofit community. To do that, we needed a clear, concise brand that told everyone who we are and what we do. So, we began the important (and daunting) work of rebranding.

The rest is history.