TAKE ACTION! Tell Governor Cuomo to sign the UBIT bill!

Nov 28, 2018 - Thanks to your good work, the UBIT bill (S8831/A11051), which will eliminate the state Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) on commuter benefits, including Buffalo NFTA Metro Pass, NYC Metrocard, Rochester RTS Pass, or employee parking, has been called up by the Governor. IT’S TIME TO ACT! Now that the Governor has the bill, we need to tell him again that signing the bill is important to your nonprofit!

Please call or email Governor Cuomo and tell him:

As Governor, we need you to stand up for nonprofits against the disproportionately harmful effects on federal tax reform on New Yorkers. Please sign S8831/A11051 into law to prevent nonprofits from being taxed on commuter benefits. For my organization that would be a yearly increase of $([total amount of pre-tax compensation your organization’s employees direct to commuter benefits each month] * 12 * .09]) in state taxes. My nonprofit’s resources should be used for our mission. New York State should not impose this new tax on commuter benefits. By signing this bill, you will continuing to be our champion in protecting New Yorkers against the adverse consequences of federal tax reform. Don’t leave us stranded with an unbudgeted new tax – please protect us from the Federal tax changes!

Tweet at Governor Cuomo:

@NYGovCuomo Please protect New Yorkers from Federal tax changes by signing the UBIT bill S8831/A11051 and tell the federal govt that they can’t take critical #nonprofit services away from us. You have to be our champion in fighting against federal tax law!

@NYGovCuomo Please stand up for New Yorkers by rejecting harmful Federal tax changes! Sign the UBIT bill S8831/A11051. Without it, my #nonprofit will have to divert thousands of $$$ from programs to state taxes. This isn’t right for New York – please sign the bill.