Pathways to Excellence: Excellence in Fundraising & Resource Development [Recap]

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The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York has launched the revamped and streamlined application process for this year's Nonprofit Excellence Awards. NPCC offers a series of workshops available to member and nonmember nonprofit organizations to engage with and gain insight from past winners. Known as the Pathways to Excellence series, each workshop is based on one of the Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence.

The first workshop, held on Friday, April 8th, focused on Fundraising and Resource Development and featured a moderated panel discussion, practical exercise, discussion, and Q&A segment. The workshop panel included Neill Bogan, Director of Development and Communications of 2015 Gold Prize Winner, New York Common Pantry; Margie Sung, Member of the New York Common Pantry Board; and Jill Eisenhard, Executive Director of Red Hook Initiative. The panel was moderating by Judy Levine, Executive Director of Cause Effective.

How can board members act as ambassadors? How can the organization draw visitors and volunteers to become committed spokespeople and in turn fundraisers and resources for financial growth of your nonprofit organization? Which resource or resources is not being mined enough? The insightful panelists discussed the importance of cultivating relationships with volunteers to become major donors, contributors and board members.

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