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PRACTICING EXCELLENCE: Nonprofit New York hosts more than 45 in-person workshops, forums, and online webinars as part of our training programming. Nonprofit New York’s training program is designed to give participants a firm grasp of the fundamental concepts within each of our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. We believe that the stronger organizations are in these eight nationally recognized management areas, the more likely they are to be healthy, sustainable, and able to adapt to changing times. Whether you are part of a new organization, new in your role, or a seasoned professional looking to brush up on current best practices, our trainings will provide you with the tips, tools, and resources that will help you and your organization become as effective as possible.

Nonprofit New York’s educational programming allows nonprofits to engage in holistic learning, feedback, practice, and growth, and includes:

All workshops and webinars are FREE for Nonprofit New York members and are open to non-members at the following ticket prices:

  • Webinar: $25
  • 2-3 Hour Workshop: $50
  • Half-Day (4 Hour) Workshop: $75

Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence: The Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Results and Impact

Reporting on Your Data

  • You've clarified your outcomes. You've even managed to collect some data. Now what? Many nonprofits invest time and energy in measuring outcomes, but don't reap all the rewards of their hard work. They submit findings to funders, and then move on to the next thing. Don't waste this valuable resource! Review your findings. Learn from them. Share them with others. In this session, we will explore various strategies to ensure you can make the most of the data you've collected.
  • Presented by Laurel Molloy of Innovations Quantified
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Fundamentals of Governance

Board Evaluation / Needs Assessment

  • Do your board members listen, nod sagely, and then disappear? Do they agree to take on assignments then "forget" them till the next board meeting? Does it feel like you have to remind board members, time and time again, of everything? Learn how to put peer-to-peer accountability and internal leadership into place so that your board is firing on all cylinders - and answers to each other, not just the executive director. Hint: Boards that are unaccountable in other areas almost never deliver in fundraising - so these changes are a precursor to board fundraising success.
  • Presented by Judy Levine of Cause Effective
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Oversight and Risk Management

  • The Office of the Attorney General, the Department of State, and the IRS have implemented increased regulations impacting the nonprofit sector. Further, the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contains extensive changes to the tax code that could impact the tax treatment of nonprofits, their employees, and their donors.
    Join us for a webinar to help you navigate local, state, and federal rules. Our expert attorneys will provide valuable insight on: assessing your organization's status, understanding board responsibilities and best practices, tips for staying on track with filing requirements, and the impact of recent law and regulatory changes.
  • Co-Sponsored by NYLPI and NPCC
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  • Nonprofits often take a messianic view toward the arrival of new board members. They hope new arrivals will bring fresh energy, ideas, and networks to break the cycle of "been there, done that" that can pervade meetings of long-standing boards of directors. Learn how to assure that our newest board members act as our allies for change, right from the start, raising the bar for board engagement instead of settling in at the lowest common denominator. At this workshop, we will share strategies for firing up new recruits and integrating them into the board team to make their enthusiastic willingness to take action infectious.
  • Presented by Greg Cohen of Cause Effective
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Fundamentals of Financial Management

Managing Financial Risks

  • Facility operating costs, including rent, can generate significant financial strain for a nonprofit. For most organizations that lease, these costs are second only to the organization’s human resources, making effective management of facility operating costs essential to a nonprofit’s success. In this workshop, Denham Wolf’s acquisition experts will provide a snapshot of the commercial real estate market in New York City and share nonprofit-specific strategies for navigating the market effectively. Nonprofit professionals who have previously participated in a commercial site search – and who have subsequently reviewed a term sheet, space program, capital budget, and/or other real estate-related documents – will have the greatest opportunity to derive actionable insights from this workshop. The content presented will be most relevant for organizations that are considering a relocation or expansion within the next three years.
  • Presented by Lauren Davis and Christopher D. Turner of Denham Wolf Real Estate Services
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Fundamentals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Policies and Leadership Pipelines

  • The Human Rights Law 101 presentation provides an overview of the New York City Commission of Human Rights and its mandate to implement the City’s Human Rights Law. The session will cover rights and responsibilities under the law, one of the broadest anti-discrimination law in the country, and the requirements and process for filing complaints. Protections against discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, as well as discriminatory harassment and biased-based profiling by law enforcement are covered. Managers, supervisors, human resources staff should attend this workshop to acquire knowledge about protections and obligations under the Human Rights Law, which should be helpful in implementing best practices in the workplace or when working with the public.
  • Presented by Vanessa Ramos of NYC Commission on Human Rights
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DEI in Nonprofit Boards

  • As the governing body at the highest level of organizational leadership, boards play a pivotal role in leading nonprofits that are fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The board’s buy-in, accountability, and investment in advancing DEI efforts is essential to effectively operate any nonprofit. Having diverse leaders who are representative of the communities that an organization serves and share a wide range of skills, talents, and perspectives enriches a board’s discussions resulting in stronger board deliberations as well as more meaningful and impactful decisions for the advancement of social good. This interactive panel session will help organizations strategize around diversifying their boards.
  • Co-Sponsored by NYLPI and Nonprofit New York
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Learn the fundamentals at our workshops, then learn how to implement them at our Learning Labs – Deep dive into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: applications for the DEI Learning Lab series open in September 2018

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Succession Planning

  • All organizations inevitably face the transition from one leader to the next, and board members and staff leaders play crucial roles in helping their organizations navigate this process successfully. Designed for EDs, senior staff, and board members, this session will outline the typology of leadership transition and invite participants to think through how different transition scenarios require different preparation, planning, and execution. We'll then discuss how organizations can assess their readiness for executive transition and what types of outside support are available and appropriate for organizations navigating transition.
  • Presented by Xander Subashi of Support Center
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Learn the fundamentals at our workshops, then learn how to implement them at our Learning Labs – Deep dive into Human Resources: applications for the HR Learning Lab series open in December 2018

Fundamentals of Information Technology (IT)

Cybersecurity and Responsible Use of IT

  • It's easy to be overwhelmed by cybersecurity. There are so many threats, how can we even keep track of them, let alone protect ourselves, our organizations and our constituents from them? This workshop will help you get a plan you can start on right away. We will break down cybersecurity into common-sense, understandable components that you can use to help your organization move toward greater cybersecurity maturity. We will help you understand how to think about what information is important to protect and how much protection it might need. Then we'll give you specific tools, practices and templates to help you get started.
  • Presented by Joshua Peskay of RoundTable Technology
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Learn the fundamentals at our workshops, then learn how to implement them at our Learning Labs – Deep dive into Information Technology: applications for the IT Learning Lab series open in February 2019

Fundamentals of Communications

Appropriate Use of Communications Platforms

Learn the fundamentals at our workshops, then learn how to implement them at our Learning Labs – Deep dive into Communications: applications for the Communications Learning Lab series open in April 2019

Fundraising and Resource Development

Staff and Board Engagement

  • A major reason for the high turnover among development staff is lack of support from the organization. Fundraising success does not come about in isolation. In fact, the entire organization has to be on board in order for you to approach your fund development potential. With the best of intentions, program staff, leadership, finance, IT and other departments can hinder fund development. But everyone in the organization is not a fundraising expert This workshop will help participants identify the key relationships and connections that can help or hinder fundraising success. Participants will work with a graphic artist to visualize the essential linkages and develop strategies to enhance their fundraising success.
  • Presented by Bonnie Osinski of Osinski Development Resources and Jonny Goldstein of Visualize Good
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Donor Engagement

  • As the institutional funding and government landscape shifts, corporate philanthropy is becoming more and more critical to the survival of the non-profit sector. No matter how big or small, your non-profit should be prioritizing corporate giving now as a way to build networks, increase revenue, raise awareness and stay innovative. This two hour workshop will give Development Directors, development professionals looking to specialize in corporate giving, or awesome Board members wanting to activate their networks the nuts and bolts of identifying corporate prospects, creating meaningful opportunities to cultivate them, developing tactics for turning them into donors, and ensuring you keep them happy longterm.
  • Presented by Jessica James of Jessica James Consulting
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Learn the fundamentals at our workshops, then learn how to implement them at our Learning Labs – Deep dive into Fundraising and Resource Development: applications for the Fundraising Learning Lab series open in June 2019