Our 2019 RFP for trainings from October 2019 to March 2020 has closed, but check back for information about becoming an Nonprofit New York trainer, or to reapply!

Who is eligible to apply?

This is an opportunity for nonprofit staff, consultants, and others to share their expertise and brand with nearly 1,700 members. Formats could include workshops, webinars, panel discussions – if you are interested in presenting it, we want to hear about it!

Why should I apply?

At Nonprofit New York, we want nonprofits to be in the best position possible to achieve their missions! Every day we work to provide our members with the tools, information, and resources to practice excellence. One of the most popular ways we do this is through our education and training opportunities; as a Nonprofit New York trainer, you will get the opportunity to share your expertise with nonprofit professionals across the sector, providing valuable exposure for you as well as the opportunity to support nonprofits and the communities they serve.

When will the trainings be scheduled?

Check back for our next RFP announcement!

What kind of topics are you looking for?

We invite you to submit a workshop proposal for trainings on topics that align with the fundamental concepts of our Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. Nonprofit New York’s educational programming aligns with our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, a way of organizing and exploring nonprofit management practices. We believe that organizations striving for best practices in these areas are better equipped to be healthy, sustainable, and adapt to changing times.

When is the deadline to submit a proposal?

Check back for Nonprofit New York's next RFP announcement. We look forward to your submissions!

Note: Nonprofit New York does not compensate trainers and we have a strict non-solicitation policy for workshop presenters. Trainers who have presented at Nonprofit New York previously are still subject to submitting a proposal.

Below are Nonprofit New York’s training topic suggestions to guide the application and review process:

Area of Excellence The Fundamentals
Results and Impact
  • Setting Goals and Measuring Outcomes
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reporting on Your Data
  • Program Evaluation
  • Board Engagement
  • Board Evaluation / Needs Assessment
  • Oversight and Risk Management
  • Recruitment
  • Compliance
Financial Management
  • Evaluation / Auditing
  • Forms and Legal Requirements
  • Budgeting and Scenario-Planning
  • Managing Financial Risks
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Needs Assessments / Setting Goals with Measurable Results
  • Ensuring Accessibility of Programs and Materials
  • Policies and procedures
  • Leadership Pipelines
  • Program Design with a DEI Lens
Human Resources
  • Evaluations and Performance Management
  • Working with Volunteers and Interns
  • Creating a Healthy Work Environment
  • Succession Planning
Information Technology
  • Cybersecurity and Responsible Use of IT
  • Investing in Technology to Advance Mission
  • Training Staff
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Preparedness
  • Upcoming Tech Trends For Nonprofits
  • Tech strategy
  • Branding / Developing a Style Guide
  • Communicating Your Mission and Values
  • Safe and Strategic Use of Communications Platforms
  • Internal Communications Agreements
  • Marketing
Fundraising and Resource Development
  • Staff and Board Engagement
  • Fundraising Regulations and Compliance
  • Establishing Sustainable Practices
  • Donor Engagement
  • Government Grants

Questions about the RFP? Please contact Alexa Salamé, Programs Coordinator at [email protected] or call the office at (212) 502-4191.