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The Referral Center spotlights Nonprofit New York-vetted consultants and vendors who can help nonprofits within the New York City area reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve operational quality through the use of outsourced services. With nearly 1,600 members and more than 50,000 users on our website, Nonprofit New York's Referral Center is a key, trusted source of consultants and vendors listings with high visibility in the nonprofit community.

What are the benefits of becoming a Referral Center Consultant?

Become a Nonprofit New York Consultant and be listed in our Referral Center today! You will get:

  1. Major exposure: The Referral Center is used by Nonprofit New York staff to recommend consultants and vendors to our members on a daily basis as we field calls through our Helpline, and other requests for assistance.
  2. Featured Listings: Consultants are listed on the homepage of The Community, in our monthly e-newsletter, and in Member Directory on our website for maximum exposure.
  3. Business development: We offer events that allow you to network, showcase your products and services, and connect with potential customers and partners.
  4. Priority: Consultants receive priority for opportunities to present to our members through our education and training program.

Joining is quick and easy:

To become a consultant, you must fill out the application. It takes 35 minutes to complete and a decision is typically made within two weeks. Why so long? We promise our members that we do our part in making sure they receive the best we and our partners have to offer. That means Nonprofit New York has to do its part to make sure we are working with the best. We ask for three references and we call all three!

Referral Center placement is by application only, at the discretion of Nonprofit New York, and subject to annual review. There is a $500 non-refundable annual application fee and (waived for Business Members).

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Questions? Contact:

Taïna Sanon, Membership Manager, at [email protected]