Strategic Planning Facilitator

February 7th, 2019

Strategic Planning Facilitator

  • Part Time
  • Senior Level
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Job Category: Administrative
Location: Manhattan
Job Sectors: Community Improvement, Human Services


Request for Proposal


A. Statement of Purpose


1.    Senior Living Options, Inc. dba, Step Up for Better Living (SUBL), located in the  Bronx is seeking a consultant to assist in the creation of a three-year strategic plan (The Plan). . The Plan should include strategies to set a direction and priorities to grow the agency, get all stakeholders unified behind a common mission, simplify decision making and action plans for achieving strategic objectives.




B. Background Information


Senior Living Options, Inc., incorporated as a 501 c3 non-profit organization in 1998 to promote the health, well-being, and happiness of senior citizens. In 2015 Senior Living Options, Inc. began doing business as Step Up for Better Living (SUBL) based on the agency’s plan to expand services to low-income families and youth. SUBL works with those who are at risk of homelessness and who need assistance or access to community resources to promote self-sufficiency, security, and wellness. SUBL serves approximately 200 families each year Including 50 seniors and 70 young adults. Services are provided in the 12 Bronx community Boards with 80 % of the families residing in Bronx Community Boards 1-4 (1: Mott Haven, Melrose; 2: Hunts Point, Longwood; 3: Crotona Park, Morrisania; 4: Highbridge). Details about the services provided by SUBL can be found on the agency website located at


C. Tasks to be Accomplished


1.    Board/Staff Interviews: The Consultant will interview the Executive Director, to discuss the organizational structure, current strengths and weaknesses and will conduct one interview with Board and one interview with staff to receive their input on the SUBL mission, vision and values and future program priorities.


1.1.           Week 1- week of April 1st: Three Interviews; Estimated time 5 hours


1.2.           Outcome: The consultant prepares a preliminary report on SUBL strengths and weaknesses, mission, vision, values and future program priorities which can be used to guide discussion for setting organizational priorities to grow the agency.


2.     Research possible funding sources: The Consultant will research possible funding sources to inform opportunities to grow SUBL.


2.1.           Week 2- week of April 8th Estimated time 4 hours


2.2.            Outcomes: The Consultant will develop a list of potential funding sources to which SUBL can apply for future funding.


2.3.           Outcome: SUBL will have a diversified funding base, including local and national sources, and private and public sources.


3.    Facilitate a Strategic Planning Conference: The Consultant will lead a half-day discussion among Board and staff to clarify mission, vision and values and to discuss the SUBL three-year priorities for growth.


3.1.           Week 3- week of April 15th: Estimated time 4 hours


3.2.           Outcome: SUBL Board and staff will have reached consensus on the SUBL Mission, Vision and Values and will agree on the strategic priorities needed to grow the agency.   


4.    Complete Three Year Strategic Planning Document– The Consultant will work with the Executive Director to produce the final Strategic Planning document which will include action plans and a three-year agency budget.


4.1.           Week 4week of April 22nd: Estimated time: 4 hours


4.2.           Outcome: SUBL will have a Planning document which can be used to expand services and facilitate growth.




D. Contract Details


·         Period of Performance – The starting date for this Engagement is April 1, 2019. The end date is April 25, 2019.


·         Payment Timetable: SUBL will pay:


o   one third of the negotiated fee upon signing the Proposal.


o   one third of the negotiated fee upon completion of the strategic planning conference


o   one third of the negotiated fee upon receiving the final Three Strategic Planning document.


·         Contractual Terms and Conditions – Payment will be made by check.




E. How to Submit a Proposal


Proposals are due February 28 and can be emailed or mailed to Louis Rodriguez, Ph. D. MBA. MSW.  Step Up for Better Living 941 Hoe Avenue, First Floor Management Office Bronx, New York 10459 Email: [email protected]. Electronic versions welcome.








Proposals should include:  


1.    A section which describes how you will carry out the tasks outlined above.


2.    A summary of your recent and relevant projects.


3.    A firm estimate of the fees to be charged and an estimate of expenses that would be incurred.


4.    Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of individuals at three nonprofit organizations who have been your clients during the last eighteen months and whom we can contact as references.


We will hold interviews with finalists during the week of March 1st to March 15th 2019. If you have questions, please email them to Louis Rodriguez at  [email protected].








Step Up for Better Living

Social Services agency services low-income families, seniors

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  • New York, New York 10017
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