Financial Literacy Facilitator ​(Spanish Speaking)

March 11th, 2019
Financial Literacy Facilitator ​(Spanish Speaking)

Financial Literacy Facilitator ​(Spanish Speaking)

  • Part Time
  • Entry Level
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Job Category: Programs/Services
Location: Manhattan
Job Sectors: Education

Financial Literacy Facilitator ​(Spanish Speaking)


• Are you a professional or student in the areas of Finances, Education, Social Work, Public Policy or International Affairs?


• Do you have a flexible schedule during the week?


• Would you be interested in being part of a group of professionals that are using financial literacy as a tool of economic empowerment?


• Do you empathize with the Hispanic community?


This is a great opportunity for professionals and/or graduate/college students with flexible schedules looking to gain valuable experience in a friendly nonprofit environment. As a facilitator, you will conduct financial education workshops, key advice sessions, and other interventions for groups of 20-30 people. Additionally, you will have access to networking and additional training opportunities.  


Organization: Qualitas of Life Foundation


Qualitas of Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides basic financial education to Hispanic families in New York in order to foster their financial security and improve their standard of living.


We work in partnership with community-based organizations, grassroots groups, churches, schools, etc., located in low-to-moderate income areas of New York City and beyond (NYS, NJ, and CT) as well as those located in more affluent areas that provide comprehensive services to community members of the Hispanic population. Our workshops, interventions and courses use financial literacy as a tool of socio-economic development by giving Hispanic families the necessary tools and knowledge to set earnest financial goals.


We work throughout the five boroughs of New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut during the day, evening, and on weekends in a very flexible approach. The role of the facilitator is fundamental for the implementation of our programs.


Position  Description


The Financial Literacy Facilitator will implement the Qualitas curriculum following the teaching guidelines that they will receive during our Train ­the­ Trainers session. Our Program Coordinator will supervise, coordinate, guide and coach facilitators.





    • Prepare a teaching plan based on the Qualitas curriculum



    • Help in the promotion of workshops in targeted communities



    • Pick up materials at Qualitas office when needed



    • Be on time to prepare the classroom where workshops will be held



    • Facilitate workshops (in community centers, schools, consulates, churches, etc.)



    • Teach the content of workshops according to the core values of Qualitas



    • Represent Qualitas as Community Liaison at information tables and community events  



    • Provide short talks on specific financial education topics



    • Conduct pre & post-workshop evaluation surveys



    • Download data from surveys and registers



    • Work in coordination with other facilitators



    • Create a sense of community in the classroom



    • Be willing to volunteer with Qualitas on certain events as needed



    • Use the tools indicated by Qualitas to accurately communicate




Commit to:   


– Take mandatory training (Train-the-trainers and Continuing Trainings) along the year related to the development of new and/or more specialized material/workshops.


– Train-the-Trainers and Continuing Trainings, April 13.


During the Train-­the-­Trainers, the staff of Qualitas of Life will equip the future facilitators with different skills and knowledge of:


  • The organization’s mission, values, vision, and operation in general.



  • Socio-economic issues, general needs and challenges of the Hispanic immigrant communities target of Qualitas’ Financial Education Program.



  • The Financial Education Program: content, key topics of financial literacy; examples based on core values, and general information to provide.



  • Educational methodology and framework, and best practices in terms of pedagogy tailored to the challenges of the Hispanic immigrant community.



  • Types of workshops provided by Qualitas and the entire operation of the Financial Education Program.



  • What being Facilitator of Qualitas means.



Important: Facilitators will have to commit to about 10 hours of training throughout the year. Please do not apply if you cannot attend the scheduled mandatory training on April 13. Workshops and other types of interventions are held during the day, evenings, and weekends. A strong preference will be given to candidates with a flexible schedule and that can facilitate workshops during weekdays and regular business hours.




  • Fluent in Spanish a must (written and spoken) ­



  • BA/BS or in the process of obtaining ­



  • Ability to interact with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds ­



  • Aware of the needs and challenges facing the Hispanic community



  • Passionate about Qualitas’ mission



  • Champion of immigration



  • Knowledge of basic financial topics



  • Community organizing skills



  • Reliable and trustworthy



  • Self­ motivated and ability to work effectively on a team



  • ­Strong presentation, communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills ­



  • Commitment and enthusiasm



  • ­Background in Finances, Social Work, Education and International Relations a plus



  • ­Experience in adult and K­12 education and/or teaching in the Hispanic community a plus



  • Knowledge of institutions and resources serving immigrants a plus



  • Availability to make day trips throughout the Tri state Area a plus



  • A strong preference will be given to candidates with a flexible schedule and that can facilitate workshops during weekdays and regular business hours





Facilitators are paid at an hourly basis at the rate of $75 hour (less applicable tax withholdings and authorized deductions), payable in accordance with our regular payroll practices.


Facilitators will be reimbursed for reasonable pre-approved transportation expenses when traveling outside of New York City.


On a case by case basis, we also accept volunteers who are willing to commit to become facilitators.


Additional  benefits


We provide our facilitators with professional mentoring, networking opportunities, additional training opportunities and access to important conferences through our network of strategic alliances.


Please submit a resume and cover letter by 03/21/2019 to:


Mica Reina – Program Coordinator: [email protected]


Qualitas of Life foundation

Qualitas of Life foundation

  • 1221 6th Ave, Suite: 43241H
  • New York, New York 10020
  • United States
  • Phone: 6468852292
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