Nonprofit New York's History

Nonprofit New York was founded in 1984 to contest a government proposal to remove the charitable property tax exemption from many of NYC's nonprofit cultural institutions. We successfully defeated that proposal and later succeeded in obtaining other tax exemptions for nonprofits, saving them $25,000,000+ a year. Today, Nonprofit New York coordinates efforts at the national, state and local levels to promote equitable and least burdensome nonprofit regulations so that NY nonprofits can focus on their missions. We also provide New York area nonprofits with practical tools such as our Information Databank and Nonprofit Outsourcing Clearinghouse. We keep you up to date on issues affecting nonprofits through our New York Nonprofit newsletter.

Through this sector-wide advocacy, Nonprofit New York heard from nonprofits that they also need information, guidance and education in nonprofit management excellence to achieve their mission. Because of this, Nonprofit New York began offering services that builds the capacity and excellence of nonprofits through training, education and expert information. Nonprofit New York offers over 50 workshops per year and the Nonprofit Excellence Awards focused on 8 Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence in nonprofit management. Nonprofit New York also saves members more than $3,000,000 in our group buying program, allowing them to use those resources toward their mission.

Through this work, we improve the management of nonprofits and support their ability to efficiently and effectively meet their mission.