Nonprofit New York Strategic Plan FY 2018 - FY 2020

Executive Summary

Founded in 1984, the Nonprofit New York is a membership organization with a long history of serving the New York nonprofit sector and its members with useful information, cost-saving programs, capacity building training, and advocacy services related to nonprofit management. In 2014-2015 a new President and Board Chair came to the helm, and in mid-2016, Nonprofit New York launched a strategic planning process to optimize its benefits to members and impact on the nonprofit sector.

Based on feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and the changing political environment, Nonprofit New York is well-positioned to play an important role in contributing to a stronger nonprofit sector and a stronger New York, and will be guided by a new mission statement and focused strategy.

Nonprofit New York Mission:
We help New York nonprofits thrive to build better communities for all.

Theory of Change
Nonprofit New York will grow, diversify and build its membership. Nonprofit New York will take up its sector leadership role and build a movement of nonprofits and the government, philanthropic, and business sectors to engage in targeted collective action. As a result of Nonprofit New York’s efforts, member nonprofits will be better equipped to manage effectively and be better resourced, and NPCC members and stakeholders will understand the value of collective action and work together to advance their shared interests. Ultimately, Nonprofit New York’s efforts will make New York a place where nonprofits can operate successfully and have what they need to carry out their missions.

Strategy and Goals
Nonprofit New York developed a strategy of integrated, reinforcing approaches that amplify Nonprofit New York’s strengths in a more powerful way: building its members’ capabilities, building a multi-sector movement to support nonprofits, and investing in Nonprofit New York to provide best-in class services.

To implement this strategy, Nonprofit New York will achieve these goals by 2020:

  • Goal 1: Member-Building: Nonprofit New York member nonprofits are strong and better positioned to achieve their missions and engage in a movement to better serve their communities and constituents.
  • Goal 2: Movement-Building: Strong New York nonprofits are engaged in building a movement to strengthen the sector and better serve their communities and constituents.
  • Goal 3: A Stronger Nonprofit New York: Nonprofit New York is an agile, innovative, and thriving organization.

Implementation, Investments and Sustainability
The first year of Nonprofit New York’s strategic plan will be one of significant planning and development. Nonprofit New York will revamp its education program, redefine its member recruitment strategy, and develop its first movement building campaign. Year two of the plan will see implementation of several new movement building initiatives including launching of the campaign, and offering advocacy tools and skill building to members to better equip them to take collective action. The third year of the plan will focus on continued implementation and assessment of both member and movement building.

As part of the strategic plan, Nonprofit New York developed its business model statement, a 3-year staffing plan, and 3-year expense and revenue budgets. Each component is in a format that can be updated as conditions change. To successfully carry this plan, Nonprofit New York plans to make investments in staffing, program improvements, marketing, and evaluation.

At the time of this report, Nonprofit New York has 8.5 FTE (full-time equivalent) staff and an expense budget of $1.57M (FY 2017). By year 3 of the strategic plan, in FY 2020, Nonprofit New York plans to grow to 11 FTE and a $2.35M budget. In FY 2017, approximately 75% of Nonprofit New York’s budget is devoted to member building and 25% to movement building; by FY 2020, the organization’s efforts will shift and the member building program will be approximately 60% of the organization’s budget, and movement building will be 40%.

Nonprofit New York’s sustainability is built on three primary revenue sources: membership dues, other earned income (e.g., program fees), and philanthropy. At least half of Nonprofit New York’s current member building costs are paid for by members--either through dues or other earned income--and this continues to grow through the plan. Through this plan, Nonprofit New York leverages membership dues to diversify its revenue sources and intends to increase earned income opportunities and expand its philanthropic support (foundation and corporate) to cover the remaining costs of member building, as well as the full costs of movement building.

Measuring Impact
The strategic plan includes a logic model that details activities, outputs and measures for each of the three goals in the plan; the logic model will be used as a tool to continuously monitor and update the strategic plan. Nonprofit New York is also committed to making investments in year one (FY18) to significantly advance its evaluation activities and will institute processes to monitor and report on the progress of strategic plan implementation. These include, among others, a strategic plan dashboard, regular staff and board meetings to review the plan and make needed modifications, and posting annual plan results on the Nonprofit New York website.

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